Management summary

  • Management summary
  • “Al FAIHA” is organized, structured, and managed in a creative, innovative fashion to ensure continuity and market growth, and to generate high levels of customer satisfaction.

    A friendly work atmosphere prevails over our offices which lead to a high degree of personal development and self satisfaction for employees. Quality Policy,(QP) manual is being developed and implemented. Job descriptions are developed to identify necessary competences and skill sets. Team oriented professionals within our organizational structure chart. “Al FAIHA” conducts periodic management meetings to evaluate marketing efficiency and update strategy, determine growth objectives and methods of implementation, and evaluate expenses/operations.

    An annual motivational internal meeting is held to develop an employee recognition program. As the business grows, the company shall train and promote more service engineers to maintain the excellent service reputation we enjoy.

  • Departmental Strengths
  • It can be clearly seen that AL FAIHA approach in the organizational structure is functional departmentalization groups jobs by functions performed , and below some highlights of our departments strengths.

    “Al FAIHA” marketing and sales department is not just a local sales office. We have successfully developed a variety of regional alliances and affiliation with regional client. Our market presence will make it much easier to lunch new products among our client base. Good PR skills, networking, through existing contacts and associates represent a strategic asset to new manufacturer’s products.

    “Al FAIHA” HR department is designed based on the fact that our industry is specialized in state of art products, that’s why the company commitment and strategy shall focus on recruiting more professional staff to accommodate growth and service our customers requests and needs.

    “Al FAIHA” Service Department provides extensive service support with almost unlimited customer support and frequent visits to expect and issue report to our clients on equipment performance!! ‘’.

    Our service department is well developed to provide professional after sales service and periodic maintenance for our customers’ labs whether in Jordan, Iraq, and Bahrain.

    “Al FAIHA” team is already certified by most of our suppliers and does enjoy full expertise of marketing, Installing, maintaining our manufacturers products.

    Our current support module, (as shown in below figure) is customized based on our customers’ needs and according to our support teams activities in our territories .

    Basically when we receive a support request from the customer, we have to add new ticket into our support data management system, then the support team perform the needed activity , and sign the completion report .

    Our Support Data Management System holds the closing of the ticket until it receives the signed report. In this way we can keep tracking the support activity ,develop our appraisal system and enhance our Balanced Score Card.