About Us

“Al FAIHA” was founded in the mid eighties with a solid vision and dedication of providing scientific and practical solution for all life science and analytical application including Forensic solutions, DNA molecular, Gene expression, Profiling, Protein analysis and Mass spectrometry. Our Founder, Mr. Mustafa Al Sahoury is the active contribution to our activities and currently acts as our Managing Director.

Our Vision

We aspire to become a regional leader as measured by quality, service, profitability, and growth. We are focused on predetermined goals and strive to build our market share in these regions.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce, sell, Install, and maintain all companies that we represent , and to exceed the current and future needs of our clients/users and variety of specialized laboratories.

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“Al FAIHA” has routinely updates its milestones and target goals, through market development and/or product development; we are committed to a healthy growth and substantial increases in volume of sales and in net profits. Some of our major milestones already includes:

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